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Join our street team email list! Just give us your name, email addy, and let us know if you have any ideas or skills that will help us reach our mission to fund the 2013 Phoenix Poetry Slam Team and to build a non-profit that will continue make this a reality for poets in the Phoenix area for years to come!

EMAIL US AT PHOENIXPOETRYSLAM@GMAIL.COM with your name, email address, and tell us what skills and ideas you have!

If you want to get involved in the music or performance touring business, joining a street team is a great way to get started! By being on a street team, you can form connections with people who are already in the music or performance business. For some street teams you get to travel, get into concerts and shows for free, and meet people from all over the world. As a member of street team, you can volunteer to work shows. When working at a show, the first thing you should do is introduce yourself to the band or leader of the organization you’re working for. If they aren’t there, talk to the next best person, such as their tour manager or merchandise manager. Work harder than you normally would, and be sure to stay professional. This will show them that you want them to know who you are, and they will remember you. After every street team event or volunteer work, I recommend following up with an email. In the email, include your name and the event you worked, and tell them you enjoyed it and that you’d love to help them again when they’re in your area. Also make sure to include your contact information. If they don’t email you back, don’t give up: if you know the band or organization is coming to your area again, just email them closer to the time that they’re coming. We are currently looking for creative, outgoing individuals that are willing to help the Phoenix Poetry Slam Team book shows with poetry, bands and artists to help us reach our initial startup goal to launch a non-profit business that will sustain a poetry slam in Phoenix, Arizona. This is a self-paced position for those that are willing to accept difficult challenges and want to make a lasting positive impact on Phoenix and for poetry as the most important building block to all of the arts. “Making it” in the music business is very hard, but don’t give up! Join street teams and volunteer with bands and organizations as much as possible. Hard work will pay off in the end- maybe one summer we’ll see you tour managing a band on Warped Tour!

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