Thursday, December 19, 2013

Phoenix Poetry Slam Rankings 2013-2014

The Slam Season 2013-2014 is almost over and the competition is stacking up! Every Thursday, at Lawn Gnome Publishing in Downtown Phoenix, poets converge in the damp backyard to breathe firewords into the night sky. The last slam for qualifying to be eligible for the Golden Gnome Slamoff is January 16th. We take the TOP TEN poets and put them in a battle for metaphorical glory. The first round's order will be determined by rankings for the slam season, with the first place poet going last. This year's Golden Gnome Slamoff will take place in an indoor venue this year, to be announced soon.

The current slam rankings (updated December 19th, 10:23pm):

1) Jeremiah Blue 19pts
2) Richard Morris 12pts
3) Emily 8pts
4) Frankie Marchi 8pts
5) Eirean Bradley 8pts
6) Aaron Burch 7pts
7) Tristan Marshell 6pts
8) Devin (DCB) 5pts
9) Randy Morris 4pts
10) Josh Floyd 4pts
11) Valence 3pts
12) Eric 2pts
13) Ben 2pts

Poets with one participation point

Charles Levett
Sam Hillyer
John TG
Joy Young
Joey Bellus
Aaron Hopkins-Johnson
Demetrius Gunnar Burns
Annie Harding
Tara Cantrell

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