Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Phoenix Poetry Slam Championship February 15th at Phoenix Center for the Arts!

The top ten poets as of January 17th will be eligible to compete in the GOLDEN GNOME SLAMOFF (details to be shared in a week). There will NOT be a WILD CARD SLAM this year. The top four poets of to be determined by five random judges at the GOLDEN GNOME SLAMOFF will be the official Lawn Gnome Slam Poetry Team of Phoenix, Arizona at the National Poetry Slam in Oakland, California (August 2014).

As of now the standings are:

1) Jeremiah Blue 29pts
2) Richard Morris 16pts
3) Tristan Marshell 10pts
4) Randy Morris 9pts
5) Emily 8pts
6) Frankie Marchi 8pts
7) Eirean Bradley 8pts
8) Aaron Burch 8pts
9) Devin (DCB) 5pts
10) Valence 5pts
Aaron Hopkins-Johnson 5pts

Poets that could squeak into the Golden Gnome Slamoff in theory:

Josh Floyd 4pts
Adriana Delgado 4pts
Rowie Shebala 2pts
Willie Whitmire 2pts
Eric 2pts
Ben 2pts
Joy Young 2pts
Tara Cantrell 2pts

Poets with one participation point

Melissa Corbin
Annie Harding
Charles Levett
Briana Welker
Kaylynne G
Sam Tidwell
Sam Hillyer
John TG
Demetrius Gunnar Burns
Rich _
Brian Maisenbacher

All slams must have at least 6 poets competing and 5 judges in order to have points count towards a season standings total. The points are allocated as follows: winning a slam is worth 4pts, taking second is worth 3pts, and being the third poet in the third round of the Lawn Gnome Publishing Thursday Slam (8pm) is worth 2pts. Participation as a calibration, sorbet, time filler, or slammer in a slam is worth one point. A poet cannot earn more than a single participation point in a slam. The host does not earn participation points. If there is a problem with the point system or a suspected discrepancy, it should be brought to the slammaster's attention up to one week of the discrepancy to keep current and to keep the event of poetry slam fun for everyone. Poets interested in slamming in the Golden Gnome Slamoff must sign the release form and return it to Lawn Gnome Publishing by 5pm January 21st. If you qualify and do not turn in the form, the next ranked poet will be offered a chance to compete.

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